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Only three people signed up for this round of exchanges. (hi, ibmiller, choco701, and beatriceotter! You guys rock!) With me, that makes four. I am contacting each of the participants individually to see whether they want to go ahead and try the exchange, but personally, it may be difficult with such a small number.

So, I’ve also created this nifty poll! It’s about what you’d like to see from this comm, and what you would want it to be if you did participate, or what would tempt you to participate. I'm sorry, but I had to do it on LJ, since I can't do polls here: here.

If you don't want to travel to lj, the gist is: what were your reasons for not participating this round? What might make you participate in the future? Was it something to do with the theme (Jane Austen)? Or something to do with the format (exchange, as opposed to something more open ended)? I would love your honest answers!


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